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According to oral history from some family historians, the earliest known progenitor with the KNOWLES family name was Sir Thomas Knowles, who attended King Richard I in his Crusades to the Holy Land toward the end of the twelfth century A.D., but the documentation for this is not complete.  Among the earliest definitive records of the surname in England are those of Roger de la Knolle of Devonshire in 1273;  John Cnolle of Dorsetshire, and Robert de la Cnolle of County Sussex.  About the same time there was John Knolle, who resided near the border of Wales and at a slightly later date, Walter atte Cnolle and Roger de Knolle of Somersetshire in 1327. Then there was Sir Robert Knolles of County Norfolk in the latter half of the fourteenth century, from whom were descended the Earls of Banbury and other illustrious lines.  Baldwin Knolles of Dorsetshire, before 1376 was the father of Roger, who had a son named Richard Knolles.  Cecilia de Knoll, Johannes or John Knoll and Thomas de Knoll of Yorkshire in 1379.  And Robert de Knollys of Yorkshire in the year 1397.  The aforementioned bearers of the surname of interest here have been, for the most part, of the landed gentry and educated class of England.
[from: "The Name and Family of Knowles", by Roots Research Bureau, LTD (1984)]

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