Our review of casino Gods

Our review of casino Gods

Who plays in an online casino but of course also in a real casino for real money is of course always happy if he has the goddess of luck Fortuna on his side. If one then also plays at Casino Gods, thus the Gods themselves, nothing can go wrong. However, the rulers of Mount Olympus must of course accept the question whether they have not over-extended themselves with the new digital technology, because their heyday is already a few thousand years in the past. This is exactly what we from CasinoSpezialist wanted to find out in our Casino Gods Online Casino Test and we travelled to the Olympus.

There, of course, we took a look around the gaming rooms and analyzed the bonuses we received. But we were also able to take a look behind the scenes and examine the technical side. Hermes the messenger of the gods himself was available to answer our questions about customer service. All this and much more information can be found in our following casino test and experience report.


The arrival at the Casino Gods

Obviously the gods have taken one or two evening classes at the adult education centre, because the online gambling library is not at all dusty and outdated, but a state-of-the-art “mobile first” casino. This does not mean, however, that it does not look very good on the PC. The one or other PC player may have to get used to the drop-down menu on the left side, but this is quick and the main categories like the games, the actions or the search for specific games are directly visible as icons anyway.



The homepage of the gods starts with the obligatory advertising banner. Here the new customer bonus, various promotions and a few casino games with divine themes are advertised. We are received by Zeus and Fortuna, among others. In addition, we are also shown how much money is currently available at the jackpot machines. Since this sum is in the two-digit million range, we experts know of course that some of the “mega” machines are also here at the start.


On the PC, the banner takes up the entire screen. The preview pictures of the most popular games follow. Maybe we should rather say with the games that the gods want to sell us as the most popular ones. Our own statistical top list looks a bit different.


Afterwards the game categories are presented by a Centurio. These are clickable, so you can get directly to the games of the respective categories. Of course, now we also have to present a few times, why the gods are the only true in the world of online casinos. But we know these pictures and paragraphs to enough and actually the respective casino names can be exchanged at will. Here are also a few useful links. However, a purple font on a dark purple background is perhaps not the best for a good readability. This also applies to the bottom of the page where the different payment methods and licenses are listed.

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